Friday, April 26, 2013

Brian Vike Finally Retires From The UFO Topic

I finally have to give up on investigating UFO sightings. As I mentioned to a colleague, I have a great run looking into UFO sightings, met some wonderful people along the way and over the years I received thousands upon thousands of UFO sighting reports, most I would say were explainable, yet others were truly amazing and certainly remain unexplained.

There were just a few Ufologists that I would thank for their help over the years.

The media, who I would like to thank as well, gosh did they treat me with kindness and took an interest in what I had to say.

But anyway, I will leave the blogs up as an archive and will find a new hobby which doesn’t involve sitting at a computer, I just cannot do anymore.

Thank you again to everyone and take care.

Brian Vike
Box 1091
Houston, British Columbia.


  1. Hello, sorry for my bad English but my mother tongue is French. I do ufology for years and understand your discouragement, skeptics attacks, work and hours that means for recognition or recovery is not always easy to manage. I wanted to tell you my respect for what you did for the "ufology, there is little UFO in the world, I mean real ufologists still interesting to cases and not to make money or books and conferences. data sources have been reduced in recent years and the old are not always easy to reconstruct, but it is important to do this because this is the real UFO, the only useful and intelligent way. Sans how UFO cases have smart thinking on the subject? Courage so bad people do not always win and the subject is important and scares so many governments and scientists who are denied for decades. truth is variable but facts are stubborn things. thank you again for your work and I hope that this is just a passing discouragement.

    Stéphane alias anakin_nEo

  2. I would really like to say a BIG thanks in appreciation.
    For all your time and good will efforts combined.

    Mr. Vike's achievements in data collecting.
    Has brought fourth valuable data in descriptions, locations,and dates associated.
    Thus giving any interested people the reality in pattern to these sample reports by day/month/year in Canada and worldwide.
    I have found no other person in Canada like Brian Vike.
    His work completed as well followed through.
    He is definitely one of a kind with a great well grounded personality.

    I will sadly miss his work and hope one day will comes back in UFOLOGY

    Keep your face towards space ~ ~ ~
    Health - Peace- Happiness