Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bright Orange Oval Shaped Object Seen In The Sky Over Philadelphia Pennsylvania (Chinese Lantern)

Date:  July 28, 2012
Time:  Approx: 9:00 p.m.

I saw a bright orange oval shaped thing smoothly travel across the sky, above the tree line, near by where I live. I was driving myself home around 9:00 p.m. last night, July 28, 2012. I was alone.

The orange thing smoothly moved from east to west, then it changed direction and actually came towards me, then just stopped and hovered above. This is in the Philadelphia, PA, suburbs, and there were no other cars around.

So I stopped my car, shut off the radio and AC fan so I could hear if it made a noise, like a remote controlled thing. I say thing, because it did not look like a plane or helicopter, just a smooth, slightly flickering from within, bright orange oval.

I rolled down the window and discovered there was no noise. I told my husband, and we retraced my drive the next night. We saw nothing like it. Then my son and his girlfriend came over for a visit.

I told them of the orange thing. They laughed and said it was probably one of those floating paper sky lanterns. I looked it up on the internet, and I believe this is what I saw. Same color, size, shape, flickering because of the candle inside.

The flame makes heat, which makes it rise, the breeze moves it smoothly across the sky. If there is a current, the thing can change direction.

Here is a link to the lanterns:

I'm going to buy an orange one and see if it looks like what I saw.
I feel so much better knowing it wasn't a UFO. I don't want to believe UFO's exist, the thought terrifies me.

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  1. I just saw the SAME THING.....this has to be what it was....sounds JUST like it...and it did seem to be almost transparent and have a lava/fire like qualit to it,,,was floating across the sky, silent...was soooo creeepy! Greenville NC around 10 pm.