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Canadian UFO Investigator – Brian Vike

Brian Vike started investigating UFO sightings back in mid 2000. As when anyone starts out, sighting reports were slow to come in, but as time went by, people started filing their experiences with me. It wasn’t until the Fall of 2001 when I received two excellent cases, Crop Circles in Vanderhoof, British Columbia and Cattle mutilation cases. From this point on, amazing reports flew in one after another.

Three examples to read below:

On the evening of September 6th, 2001. Brent Miskuski owner of Central Air Corp. was flying home from the Vanderhoof, airport where I had noticed a formation of crop circles. The site is located approx. 3 miles east from the threashold of runway 25 at the Vanderhoof airport.

Late afternoon on Friday, September 7, 2001 I had an email from Jennifer Crosby, reporter for Northern Television asking if I had heard of a new formation of Crop Circles in the Vanderhoof, British Columbia area. I told her no, I had not, but if she would give me a little while I would be happy to check into this story to see if there was any truth to it or not.

After a few phone calls, I placed another call to the Prince George Citizen who informed me that indeed there was a report from a Mr. Brent Miskuski owner of Central Air Corp., he had spotted the formation of 6 circles in a field approx: 5 Ks from the airport in a farmer field.

I looked up the number for the small airport in Vanderhoof and made the call, Mr. Brent Miskuski answered the phone and I asked him if he may be able to help me. He was kind enough to supply me with the location of the circles, and how many there was in this formation. He also sent me 3 pictures that he took from an aircraft while flying over the the Crop Circle formation.

I made arrangements and prepared to leave first thing Saturday morning, September 8, 2001. I arrived early in Vaderhoof at 9:10 a.m., on Saturday 8, 2001 to begin an investigation of the crop circles.

You can read and view photos about this case at:

Also in the Fall of 2001 there were cattle mutilation cases I was involved in and assisted the RCMP with their investigation as to the cause of the animal mutilation. You can read about this at: Lumby, British Columbia Cattle Mutilation And The Falkland, B.C. RCMP Case Report -

UFO Encounter On Highway #16 - Three Frightened Women

From the Fall of 2001 and into the years 2002 and 2003 all heck broke loose when it came to UFO sightings, this all taking place in my area from Prince George right through Houston to Telkwa, Smithers, Terrace, Kitimat and Prince Rupert, British Columbia. Report after report came in, all or most being amazing UFO sightings. Why here and why so many, I will never know, but it was a busy time and we were dubbed, the UFO capital of Canada for the two years running. This prompted the Life Network doing a TV UFO documentary on what was happening here.

At this time when all was happening up north here, I owned and operated a large website called HBCC UFO Research, which I ended up selling the 5 domain names as I was going to get out of the UFO business in 2009. After some time, I started back looking into UFO cases, this time using the blogs I had put together. It became so busy, that in February 2013 I had to stop taking sighting reports from the United States and Worldwide. I now concentrate on Canadian UFO sightings only.

This where I have posted, and will post all Canadian UFO sighting reports from now on.

The main Vike Factor Blog can be viewed at: and there are thousands of sighting reports on this blog to read.

If folks care to snail mail a sighting report to me, I can be reached at:

Brian Vike
Box 1091
Houston, British Columbia.


  1. Hi Brian
    Thank you for publishing my UFO sighting in Redhill , UK from way back in 1968. I know it wasnt very exciting but I have never forgotten how curious it made me about this subject. I know 100% it was not a balloon, plane or helicopter but I also realise I will never find out what it was which makes me sad, as I have a very enquiring mind. I hate the fact some people rubbish the subject but can understand as I have seen such obvious fakes & doctored photos. Im really suprised that more people didnt report it as everyone in the town and nearby village was watching it. Now with me nearing retirement I felt I had share this but now I am hoping they get disclosure to enlighten me on what these things are.Good luck with your site. Glyn

  2. Hi Brian,

    My family and I have encountered many UFOs and other strange phenomena in the same 5 mile radius in Southern Illinois over about 50 years. We were out looking at the sky on June 15th and all the sudden saw what looked somewhat like the aftermath of a firework (only there was no firework or any noise of any kind) . It was a glowing green so intense it hurt our eyes and fell slowly straight down, then disappeared into the trees -- still making no noise. We went to look for something in its trajectory but while we encountered a strong smell that was unidentifiable, we found no other evidence. We are sure this was no common meteor -- at least as sure as we can be. I had read somewhere on your site that someone else saw something very like our green "fireball" and also detected a smell. I would very much like to know what smell they detected. Thanks!

  3. Call me please my name is Shenandoah myself and A whole bunch of people saw a UFO tonite 7/12/2014 my number is 214-716-9267 or email me at

  4. ON July 12th 2014 MY wife and I were out on the patio and she said look up, that is a strange light in the sky and we both stared for less than a minute in awh. Moved very slow and would stop and would jolt down then it was gone. We said ok that was interesting. What do we see again same orange reddish light doing the same thing, so I got my video camera and to a video of about 20 seconds and it was a little joilty but in focus but it looks like a little red spec. I do have the video if interested.

  5. It was November 27th 2014, I was star gazing with my girl friend and we both see a large shaped craft fly over a swift speed there wher glowing lights running along the side sof this thing trying to picture it in my head and I could almost look like a formation of geese. Completly silent , large but difficlt to judge because of it abnormality. But I would think it was the size of a large large jet .my girl friend thinks it was birds well in between the farthest points of the V as it past over it would block out the stars in the distance it almost seemed sky colour. If needing more information Mr Vike please contacted at .