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Did Two Women Become Pregnant During A Missing Time Event On Highway 101 In Oregon USA

From Brian Vike's UFO Files.

Date:  October 1967
Time:  Evening.

I just spent two hours writing this report and just as I was going to hit the send button, zap it got taken. I tried to recover it, but to no avail. I'll try again.

OK, now it's later still and I totally re-wrote it and tried to save it to draft, but it only saved the first half. This is hard work when the computer is playing games with me. So here I go again.

It was 1967, I was 15, my sister was 17, and although we didn't know it yet, we were both pregnant. It could be that we became pregnant during that journey.

We were traveling north from California and were into Oregon on Highway 101 (The Coast Highway). It was nighttime and dark out and extremely foggy.

The highway was only two lanes and very narrow without pull-outs or passing lanes. The west side of the road was a sheer drop down to the ocean.

There was a nice arched two foot tall stone fence built during the depression by government workers to keep cars from inadvertently plunging off into the sea. The opposite side (east) went nearly vertical up a rock cliff face.

We were in a 1955 Chevy car that my boyfriend and I had bought in Winnipeg, Canada. He was driving and I was in the front seat. My sister was behind me and her boyfriend was behind mine.

We had been behind a log truck for a hundred miles, with no opportunity to pass, because of weather and road conditions. My boyfriend was growing impatient as he had a job that he needed to get back to. He decided to take the risk of passing, even though we wouldn't be able to see if there was an oncoming car due to the curves on that twisting treacherous road.

We hadn’t seen another automobile for the last two hours. Against my will and with my teeth gritted, he proceeded to pass. Just as the logging truck was completely on our right side, and our vehicle was about  3/4 a car length ahead of him,  an eye-stabbing bright white light engulfed our car.

It came through the front windshield. I was looking forwards and upwardly through the windshield and it seemed closer than the front of the car.

I braced for the impact that in reality should already have occurred, but in that very same instant, we were in the next town which had been still 30 miles away and it was two hours later in the evening.

My sister said she had closed her eyes when she first saw the light and hadn't reopened them until we were safe.

For whatever reason and by whatever means, we were saved that dark foggy October night in 1967.

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