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UFO/Craft Estimated To Be Approximately One Mile Long In The Sky Over Tucson Arizona (Excellent Diagram)

From Brian Vike’s UFO Files.

Date:  October 21, 2006 22:30 (Entered as : 10/21/06 22:30)
Time:  10:30 p.m.

Location:  Tucson, Arizona.
Shape:  Unknown.
Duration:  3-4 minutes.

Large object with multi color running light observed flying above Tucson Arizona.

Witness #1 (name deleted) XX year old male. Retired Police Officer. 4 Years USAF as Security Police. Currently runs (deleted) Company.

Witness #2 (female name deleted) XX year old female. Currently runs (deleted) Company

Witness #3 (name deleted) XX year old female. Attends (deleted)

At 2230 hrs this date, I (deleted) went to the front of my yard to walk towards a neighbor with the intent of checking on their dog since they were away on vacation. Our house lies in the Foothills (North Central) area of Tucson adjacent the Catalina Mountains.

I heard one of my dogs bark and I turned to look back at the house. Directly above the house I observed the object. The object was flying south to north. I would estimate that it was directly above I-10 (I-10 runs north and south) I-10 is approximately 7 miles due west of my House.

It was approximately 25 degrees above the horizon. I would estimate, and its only an estimate that from light to light would make the object at least one mile long.

My first thought was that the object (s) were in fact 3 objects strung out together and flying in formation. I assumed they were helicopters flying north. There is a Marine aviation base due north of us. Holding my hand at arms length in front of me, I would estimate object would have been (from running light to running light) 4-5 fingers in length.

The object at its southern point had one non-flashing light, in its approximately center was another non flashing red light, at its northern point were two lights, one which was white and non blinking and another light very close to the white light and it was red in color and blinking.

My wife exited the front door and I yelled at her to grab the binoculars and run out with them. This she complied with, retrieved the binoculars and she and (name deleted) came out to join me.

I brought the binoculars into focus and could see the object, which appeared to be moving fairly slow and continuing north. I could also ascertain that there was a darkened area between the 4 lights and that in fact these were not 3 separate objects. This horizontal area or structure did not appear to be very high but was flattened and "line" like.

I handed off the binoculars to both (name deleted) and (name deleted). We continued to watch the object as it continued north.

Approximately 3 minutes into the observation the object appeared to make a flight adjustment and it began turning into a northwest flight angle.

At this point and through the binoculars I could now see the rear end of the object. You could now see that it possessed 2 white lights in the rear of the structure.

It looked as though you were watching the rear end of a car that had two white running lights. The distance between the two rear light would be approximately 1 finger held up at arms length. The 3 other lights (red in the center, white and blinking red up from) were also still visible, but at more of an angle.

The front flashing red light was still visible. At all times the lights remained at a fixed distance from each other, the distance never varied as it would if you were watching a string of conventional aircraft struggling to maintain position relative to each other.

I was able to observe the object from its new flight path for approximately another minute to two minutes until it was lost over the horizon.

My wife and daughter told me (after object was gone) that while I was watching the object, and just before it was lost to sight, that the two of them observed a streaking object come into their field of view.

They were both facing west, as was I, when from their peripheral vision to their right, the object, apparently traveling east to west, caught their attention. They said the object was a fiery white in color, traveling parallel to the ground, and was between us and the Catalina Mountains. (The Catalinas are approximately one half mile North of our home and where we were standing. The Catalinas rise approx. 2900 feet above the valley floor, and my wife said that it was well below the tops of the mountain.

They went on to say that the object streaked toward the larger object (which was now disappearing). I asked them this question later if it was possible that it “merged” with the larger object, and they stated that it may have because that this smaller object streaked directly toward the larger one and also disappeared in the same general area.

The object appears to have corrected its flight path from when first viewed to the point that it turned northwest as I believe I-10 makes the same course adjustments. I believe the object was certainly following and flying directly above I-10, turning as I-10 turned, but I'm not completely sure of this.

I could not estimate its speed, but it was not flying very quickly, but I would guess that if these were in fact helicopters, it would appear to be about the same speed as a helicopter at that distance. There was no sound.

We contacted a nearby neighbor (too late for him to see it), but as we talked in the driveway he related to me that during a ball game this evening, the crowds were witnessing many strange lights in the night skies, he didn't elaborate.

My many thanks to D. Baker for the report and excellent diagram.

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