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3 Formations Of Orange Yellow Objects/Lights Observed At Sooke Vancouver Island British Columbia

Date:  February 19, 2015
Time:  Approximately 10:00 p.m.

UFOs, I just saw a group of UFOs. I was standing on our porch looking at the sky and saw these very unusual glowing orbs in the sky. I called for my wife who was upstairs in our house, she came down and saw the tail end of it. My adrenalin is going and I'm sort of in shock.  

There were 4 at first, then 3 followed and then one single one trailed. My wife saw the last 2 of the second group and the last one completely. They were glowing an orangey-yellow. I first noticed them coming up from the southeast.  They rose at about 45 degrees in no particular formation, but they stayed close together.  

They didn't seem like space crafts, they glowed an orangey-yellow.

They appeared separately a couple of minutes separating each formation. As I said, there were 3 formations. The first had 4 in it and they rose at about 45 degrees, not travelling towards me, but  continuing in the same direction.  

They began to climb straight up after about 2 minutes and then they would fade very gradually and disappear. My wife saw the last two of the 2nd formation at the very end before they faded. Then we both saw the single one come up over the horizon and then it rose up to quite a high altitude and stayed in one place for a minute or two.

Then it disappeared completely, I would say that they were not massive as it's very hard to estimate the size given the distance and they were completely round, like orangey-yellow globes travelling across the sky. We were probably a good kilometer away from them.

Their flight seemed almost like they were self propelling, moving effortlessly. They came from the direction of the ocean, but towards Victoria. I of course told my wife to come down and see the UFOs in those words. My daughter heard me shout in through the open door, but she stayed in bed.

The objects or entities were bright yellowy-orange in the beginning and maintained that brightness for a few minutes and then they faded gradually as they rose up.

As I mentioned, the last single one stayed in one place for a minute or two and then it's intensity faded slowly, then disappeared completely. There was absolutely no noise at all. Their movements were deliberate and not abrupt.  

I'm writing down all these details so I don't forget anything while it is fresh and in my memory. This occurred at approximately 10:00 p.m. on February 19, 2015.  I observed this from Sooke, British Columbia in the Sunriver development.  

I did not have anything to drink nor was I on any drugs or medication whatsoever. My visual acuity is well above normal and my profession demands of me to be a highly skilled observer.

There is no doubt this was not anything that can be explained away, it was not a series of weather balloons with lights attached or fireworks. The trajectory was very deliberate and did not resemble a balloon.  

Balloons don't stay in one spot and hover. One of them stopped rising and was static for what appeared to be several minutes. Then it just faded in intensity and disappeared.

I have a few cameras, but I was too preoccupied observing and experiencing it to think of capturing it. I was worried about being the only person who saw it, so I yelled to my wife who came down a minute or so later. She witnessed it  and saw at least 3 of them.

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