Friday, February 13, 2015

Reddish Orange Glowing Unexplained Aerial Phenomenon Over Central Phoenix Arizona

Date:  February 11, 2015 ?
Time:  Dusk.

Approximately 2 weeks ago (or was it 3?) at dusk on a Tuesday, I was on my front porch scanning the sky while out for a smoke and I noticed a reddish-orange glowing orb that was on a trajectory that didn't quite correspond to normal commercial airliner traffic routes, heading in what appeared to be a southwesterly direction.
There was no sign of a metallic craft associated with this phenomenon, just a steady reddish-orange iridescence.

It looked like it was climbing higher into the atmosphere for about a minute, on a shallow ascent vector, then within the short span of three seconds, it seemed to diminish in size and brightness until it was completely invisible to the naked eye.

Rather than call this a UFO, I choose to call it a UAP (unexplained aerial phenomenon).

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