Saturday, October 6, 2012

Bright Object Flickering Red And Green Lights Seen From Alsea Oregon

Date: October 5, 2012
Time:  Evening.

We saw a bright object very far away at a fixed point in our night sky about 15-20 degrees up from horizon and in western sky.  It also was flickering red and green light (maybe yellow too) and it was very bright and really well seen with binoculars. 

It seemed to stay fixed at one place for 25 minutes and eventually drifted to the right a degree or two (as if it were heading away from us at a very slight angle. I called my uncle that lives nearby and he watched it too.  

It definitely didn't appear to be a jet because of how long it was at the same point in the sky and it was so far away and higher and so bright we didn't think it possible to be a helicopter.     

That you saw red and green flickering lights is real interesting. We are inland from the pacific ocean about 15-20 miles (Alsea, Oregon).   
I took video of it with my camera, but you cannot see the object on the video (just looks like black sky).  

If you have seen anything like this in the same area please be kind enough to contact Brian Vike at: with the details of your sighting. All personal information is kept confidential.

Also, please feel free to send in your sightings that have happened years ago. So many of these older sightings are nothing short of amazing.

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