Saturday, October 6, 2012

Flash Of Light And Object Appears In The Sky Over Toledo Ohio

Date: September 11, 2012
Time:  Evening.

Last night me and my 5 year old were camping out in the back yard in Toledo Ohio. My son said dad, what is that. I had no idea what it was, but it was very bright and moving across the sky.

I thought that was weird and then out of no where a flash of light in the middle of the sky and another one appeared following the same path as the first.

I tried to record it on my phone, but nothing showed. I have no idea what it was, but I know what my eyes saw and my son confirmed it too. Super weird and almost scary.

I have never seen anything like it before. It was for sure not a commercial plane as we do live close to 2 airports and wasn't a star because it was moving and didn't fade away it just disappeared. Crazy.

If you have seen anything like this in the same area please be kind enough to contact Brian Vike at: with the details of your sighting. All personal information is kept confidential.

Also, please feel free to send in your sightings that have happened years ago. So many of these older sightings are nothing short of amazing.

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