Thursday, January 10, 2013

Pilots Report Object With White Light In The Front And Huge Green Fan Shaped Contrail That Glowed In The Dark 300 Miles East Of Los Angeles California

Date:  November 2010
Time:  Approx: 9:00 p.m.

Hi Brian, I was watching a show from 2010 tonight that described a sighting from 1995 that sounded like something I saw in November 2010 about 300 miles east of LA.

I'm a corporate pilot and was flying in the upper thirty thousands (probably 380) around 9:00 p.m. PST. 

The object was several miles south and below us at the time. I'm guessing it was in the mid 20's. It had a white light in front of the direction it was traveling and was leaving a huge green fan shaped contrail that glowed in the dark (November 9:00 p.m. was totally dark obviously). 

The other pilot and I watched it for several minutes and it appeared to be flying level or close to it. We were either talking to Salt Lake Center or Oakland Center at the time, and 2 other aircraft reported seeing the same object that we were witnessing. 

Center reported seeing nothing on the radar and said the military hadn't reported having anything up that night. I've always wondered what this was and found it interesting to see that a similar object had been reported back in 1995 as reported on the show "UFO's Best Evidence Caught On Tape 2". 

I don't have the exact date that I saw this object, but I could probably find it by going through the logs. I remember it was a few days before Thanksgiving so that would put it in the middle of the month.

If you have any information about additional similar sightings to what I witnessed I would be interested in hearing about it.

If you have seen anything like this in the same area please be kind enough to contact Brian Vike at: with the details of your sighting. All personal information is kept confidential.

Also, please feel free to send in your sightings that have happened years ago. So many of these older sightings are nothing short of amazing.

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