Saturday, January 5, 2013

One Orange Glowing Light Floating Over Kissimmee Florida

Date:  December 31, 2012
Time:  Around 12:15 a.m. - 12:20 a.m.

I was in Kissimmee last night (12/31/2012) and right around 12:15-12:20 I saw an orange light, similar to the color of a street light moving southwest at the pace of an airplane, but it had no strobes or aircraft lights on it and there was no sound coming from it.

It did not flicker or blink. It was steady in brightness the whole time I saw it. I was not the only one to see it as well. There were fireworks in the area, but I watched it move southwest for about 30 seconds so it couldn't have been fireworks.

I was in the military for 5 years and have never seen nothing like that. Just figured I would let you know. There was only one light, but I didn't look around to see if there were others.

I only watched that one for a short time before it got out of sight.

If you have seen anything like this in the same area please be kind enough to contact Brian Vike at: with the details of your sighting. All personal information is kept confidential.

Also, please feel free to send in your sightings that have happened years ago. So many of these older sightings are nothing short of amazing.

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