Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Red/Orange Colored Objects Seen Hovering In The Sky Over Las Cruces New Mexico

Date:  January 1, 2013
Time:  12:02 a.m.

Me and my girlfriend are in Las Cruces, New Mexico and we looked out the window to see some fireworks, then I notice 2 red/orange balls of light in the air. It was more red then orange, it also looked like the light was flickering.

I my phone camera wouldn't work at the time as it has problems I guess, but the red light on the right looked like it was orbiting behind the one on the left. Then it became 1, and 20 seconds later it was gone and we looked to our left only to see 4 more, 3 were in formation and the fourth was in formation too.

Then it started going up and up and up until it was gone. It kind of looked like it just faded away after it kept going up, and then the next one went up after that one and after that the other 2 kind of went up a little bit and just vanished.

The first on that was over the three in formation went up into the sky and faded away like a shooting star, but I promise you this was no shooting star. Just giving you an example of how it left, but I witness this last night many probably won't believe me, but me and my girl know what we saw.

The feeling was just unrealistic and kind of freaky, that was no firework, shooting star, or military aircraft, this thing was hovering.

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